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The Power of germanys most vibrant instagram accounts in the soccer niche under one umbrella

We connect brands with high performing
influencers in the german speaking soccer niche

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What we stand for

Sportrockets represent a diverse group of hand-picked, talented content creators.

In order to develop a sustainable and intimate connection with their audience, we value the creative freedom of our influencers.

Campaigns are created in close consultation with our clients and creators.

We prefer to work with fewer brands but for bigger campaigns.

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Sportrockets for brands

With Sportrockets you get access to the most vibrant Instagram Influencer network in the German speaking soccer niche.The hand-picked set of influencer accounts was selected with one core focus: engagement first!

While the average engagement rate on Instagram is around 2.5 -3%, our influencers reach rocket high engagement rates of 12,8% on average. This makes your campaigns seen, liked, shared and commented.

Sportrockets is your expert for influencer campaigns in the german speaking soccer niche. We develop high performing campaigns, which create brand awareness, acquire high quality users and boost your Instagram account.

Trusted by leading Brands

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Performance in numbers

AVG. Post Views
Avg. Story views
avg. likes per post
Avg. comments per post
1 %
male audience
1 %
Engagement Rate
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Benefits for influencers

We always seek for high-performing Instagram influencers in the german speaking soccer niche.

You decide what content you are up for. We support all forms of content,like memes, stats, news, quizzes or FUT.

You are a rocket? Then let us know!

Earn Money

Earn Money with what you love doing at no risk. sportrockets is completely free for influencers.

Do what you love

Do whatever you are good at and have passion for. Any sponsored post shall follow the DNA of your account and feel as native as possible for you and your audience.


We have more than 25 years experience in the sports media and betting industry and work with the leading and most trusted brands.

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